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Population: 20,540
State: Ohio
Departments & Divisions Involved: Building, Zoning, Planning, Code Enforcement, Special Events, Water/Sewer
Problem Addressed: Making internal processes more efficient; improving service to business community
Project Highlight: Wooster’s user-friendly permitting portal

The City of Wooster, Ohio has joined the ranks of more than 100 other governments across the country who use ViewPoint to power their ePermitting software. As the first in Ohio to do so, the City of Wooster has become a state leader in digitizing citizen services. 

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Lomita CA Discovers ePermitting System California Communities Love | ViewPoint Cloud

Population: 20,256
State: California
Departments & Divisions Involved: Community Development, Code Enforcement, Planning
Problem Addressed: Centralizing data from paper-based system
Project Highlight: Rapid implementation

The so-called “Friendly City” is about to get a lot more citizen-friendly. The city of Lomita, Calif. will join neighboring California communities in offering online permitting and code enforcement with ViewPoint Cloud.

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The State of Rhode Island and ViewPoint are leading the nation in rolling out an innovative statewide ePermitting platform.

Using ViewPoint Cloud, Rhode Island is modernizing state and local permitting systems through a customer-friendly online permitting portal accessed through each community’s website.

After just six months of system configuration, Rhode Island will light up the ViewPoint Cloud platform in February. Beginning with Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Fire permits, the platform will grow to encompass additional permit types over time.

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Stamford Boosts Economic Growth with Faster, Easier Permitting | ViewPoint Cloud

Population: 128,278
State: Connecticut
Departments & Divisions Involved: Inspectional Services, Code Enforcement
Problem Addressed: Streamlining the permit process for the business community
Project Highlight: Boosting economic growth

  • City officials undertake a strategic initiative to increase efficiency and support growth
  • Stamford launches online permitting center for all trade permits
  • Online permitting becomes an instant success in the city

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Population: 12,314
State: Rhode Island
Departments & Divisions Involved: Building
Problem Addressed: Making internal operations more efficient
Project Highlight: Rapid implementation

North Smithfield’s Building Department knew they needed a modern ePermitting system. Their old paper permitting and manual data entry were no longer efficient enough to keep up with the rising bar of local government citizen service. Ready to join Rhode Island’s statewide partnership with ViewPoint Cloud, they were still nervous about the time it would take to get the software up and running. But thanks to a little preparation, a user-friendly software design, and ViewPoint Cloud’s proven implementation process, North Smithfield launched their new ePermitting platform in just 30 days.

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Population: 45,193
State: Massachusetts
Departments & Divisions Involved: Inspectional Services, Health
Problem Addressed: Previous vendor unable to implement product efficiently
Project Highlight: Successful government-vendor partnership

When complexity stood between civic leaders in Barnstable and their online permitting goals, they turned to ViewPoint to help turn things around.

Two years in to a regional effort on the Cape to implement a complex enterprise software package, participating communities were having significant trouble becoming successful.

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Online Permitting Transforms Orange CT Permit Process in 90 Days | ViewPoint Cloud

Population: 14,000
State: Connecticut
Departments & Divisions Involved: Building, Fire Marshal, Health, Planning & Zoning, Police Department, Public Works
Problem Addressed: Connecting inter-departmental workflows
Project Highlight: Rapid implementation

The Town of Orange, CT went live with online permitting today just 90 days after kicking off the process-improvement initiative.

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Quincy, MA Reaches 100% Online Permitting in Months | ViewPoint Cloud

Population: 93,397
State: Massachusetts
Departments & Divisions Involved: Inspectional Services, Code Enforcement, Planning, Health, Fire
Problem Addressed: Connecting inter-departmental workflows
Project Highlight: Improving workflows and increasing tax revenue through move to ePermitting

  • City officials in Quincy become frustrated with legacy permitting systems
  • Quincy puts permitting online amid the spring permitting rush
  • Online permitting climbs to 100% adoption within months

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Population: 16,693
State: Massachusetts
Departments & Divisions Involved: Inspectional Services
Problem Addressed: Transitioning from paper-based system to increase efficiency

The home of the New England Patriots and Gillette Stadium has scored ViewPoint Cloud to power new online permitting for their constituents.

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Population: 83,105
State: California
Departments & Divisions Involved: Building, Planning, Code Enforcement
Problem Addressed: Increasing citizen transparency and accessibility
Project Highlight: Saving money by switching to modern technology

Last summer, officials in Buena Park, Calif. knew it was time for change. Citizens were demanding greater transparency and accessibility from their government amidst an evolving technological landscape. In response, the city of 80,000 passed a strategic plan that made constituent service a priority, committing to research and develop new technologies to provide “service and information to all.”

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Natrona County Accelerates Review Process with ePermitting | ViewPoint Cloud

Population: 81,624
State: Wyoming
Departments & Divisions Involved: Inspectional Services
Problem Addressed: Updating an outdated permitting process
Project Highlight: Shrinking permitting processing times

  • Permit volume soars in Natrona County after a period of rapid growth
  • County officials take initiative to provide better citizen service
  • Natrona County slashes permit processing times with the help of better technology

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New Milford, CT Green-Lights ePermitting | ViewPoint Cloud

Population: 28,142
State: Connecticut
Departments & Divisions Involved: Inspectional Services, Code Enforcement, Public Works
Problem Addressed: Updating an outdated paper-based permitting system

New Milford, CT has selected ViewPoint to enhance citizen services by putting permitting, licensing, inspections, and code enforcement online.

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