High-performance permit management

Tame your permitting workflows

Route, approve, and issue permits electronically
Intelligent workflows
Automatic Fees
Performance Metrics


Streamline multi-department workflows

Every record has a workflow where post-submission activity is recorded. Let each submission flow electronically from intake to departmental reviews, automatically assigning to the next available employee. And ensure that no permit is ever issued before all required approvals are complete.

Approve with a click

When it’s your turn to approve, it’s easy to make a decision with big, color-coded buttons. If something isn’t quite right, you can halt progress and send a message to the appropriate party for resolution. All activity is kept in one central place so nothing gets lost.

See who’s doing what

With approvals reports, you get a birds-eye view at all active approvals in your department. Easily see any unassigned or overdue work. If you need to manually reassign a workload to someone else, just click and type a new name right in the report. The new reviewer will automatically be notified.

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