Lead Software Developer

Lead Software Developer


Develop, optimize and maintain a high-performance cross-browser application using front-end and back-end web technologies, including user-facing features. Develop and maintain user-facing features for our web-based product ViewPoint Cloud. Build, maintain and optimize reusable code libraries pertaining to our web application as well as oversee development of the same. Optimize applications for maximum efficiency and scalability. Implement intuitive visual elements including layout of information to better facilitate ease of use and navigation through the web application. With collaboration from CTO and COO, understand, develop and document client’s specifications and requirements for requested features and consequently determine hardware and software requirements for our web-based product ViewPoint Cloud. Design and mock up functionality of features to explore feasible solutions and development timeframes to given specifications that the development team can adhere to, as well as enforce said timeframes. Test written code and built interface for functionality and overall quality as well as build automated testing framework for optimal testing coverage, collaborating with QA and Support staff to address issues with the product. Research and implement the use of external graphical, visualization and user-interface libraries to optimize content for the web application. Research and implement best practices throughout product stack including receipt, processing and security of web application data. Design, develop, and – if feasible – implement algorithms for experimental features and functionality. Coordinate rollouts of new versions of software as well as hot fixes to production. Recommend system solutions by comparing advantages and disadvantages of custom development and purchase alternatives. Collaborate with CTO and COO to set timelines and priorities for software development projects, assign tasks to team members. Conduct and contribute to development-planning meetings in order to assess and evaluate the state of the product and consequently set next goals and expectations for development sprints.

Minimum Requirements

BS/BA in Computer Science, or a related field, or foreign equivalent. 2 years of full stack software development experience with production-grade web applications. 2 years of development experience with JavaScript ES5+ and its related ecosystem. 1 year of experience with server-side programming frameworks Node/Express or Rails. 1 year of experience with SQL in collaboration with web development. 1 year of experience managing resources in a cloud hosting service such as AWS or Azure.

Please submit resumes by mail only to Wini Pisarz at ViewPoint Government Solutions, Inc., 320 Congress St., 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02210.

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