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5 Ways to Keep Email From Taking Over Your Day | ViewPoint Cloud

We all do things we know are not good for us. Whether it’s taking a second helping of dessert or staying up an hour later to watch a favorite TV show.

Yet, there are few things as pervasive in modern life as our addiction to email. A 2015 Adobe survey of 400 office workers in the U.S. found the average respondent reported using email more than 6 hours a day, checking email from the bed, car, and even the bathroom.

That may sound shocking, until you think about how that could easily be you, or several of the people you work with.

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Marijuana Regulations Permitting and Licensing Guide | Local Government Resources - ViewPoint

Cannabis regulation remains a controversial subject across all levels of government, but there’s no denying the fact that the tides are changing in favor of legalization. The 2016 election seasonwhere a historic number of states passed ballot initiatives legalizing marijuanaseems to have been a tipping point, and the pro-legalization movement is showing no signs of slowing down.

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A Government's Guide to Tiny House Regulation | ViewPoint Cloud

Leah and Brady were recent college graduates looking to live close to their families in Seattle without paying exorbitant rental prices. Calling on the craftsmanship of Leah’s father, the couple experimented with living in a tiny house and found it suited their lifestyle. Initially living on their parents’ properties in Seattle, they saved over $1,400 a month on rent.  Now situated in the San Juan Islands, the couple feels they have more financial freedom to pursue their businesses and personal goals.

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