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Our Story

For over 24 years, ViewPoint has been helping government agencies adopt better technology.

Founded in Boston in 1995 to provide GIS services, the firm came to understand the need for better permit management. Today, Viewpoint leverages its wealth of expertise in the public sector to provide the most advanced permitting technologies to city and state agencies across the country.

Five years ago, our team decided to revolutionize permitting software. We rolled up our sleeves and spent countless nights designing the platform that today’s governments deserve. The people who serve the public don’t deserve “good enough” – they deserve innovation that challenges the status quo. From this idea, we built ViewPoint Cloud.

ViewPoint Cloud is the leading citizen service platform because it was designed with our customers and their citizens in mind. It is powerful, intuitive, and simply put, beautiful. We poured our hearts into building something that raises the standard for all government software. Now, we’re empowering communities of all sizes across the United States to put that software into action.

Our Values

  • Empowering Communities

    The digital age has changed almost every aspect of modern life. Technology is constantly adapting, shaping the world around us. Yet governments often have to wait years for the private sector to respond to their digital needs. The Government Technology industry is changing the status quo by turning the public and tech sectors into partners. We are proud to be a leader in this movement, because we think this partnership strengthens our society as a whole. At the end of the day, bringing quality permitting software to governments is about empowering the communities they serve.

  • Exceptional Design

    Design affects every aspect of a product’s implementation, usability, teachability, and effectiveness. A prospective client seeing ViewPoint Cloud for the first time once said, “if I were going to design permitting software, this is how I would do it.” Design matters, and that’s why a commitment to powerful, intuitive, and beautiful software design runs through the veins of everything we create.

  • Personal Service

    We are patient, because we understand that governments work on different timelines. We are adaptable, because we know governments have different levels of IT expertise. We are creative, because we know that governments need our software for different types of work. We are a team trying to bring innovation to municipalities. When you join us, you become our partner in this mission.

  • Accessibility

    We believe that high quality software should be accessible to communities of all sizes and income levels. That’s why we are committed to maintaining flexible pricing based on workflow needs. We also know that implementation costs can be a barrier, so we made ViewPoint Cloud easy enough to set up without an outside contractor.

  • Honesty

    As a veteran in this industry, we are no stranger to stories of government technology projects going awry due to unreliable timelines or fees. With ViewPoint, what you see is what you get. Our quotes, implementation timelines, and support will always be 100% clear and honest.

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