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Why We Donated to Support Diversity in Local Government Leadership

Last month, some of our favorite people at ELGL (Engaging Local Government Leaders) reached out to their community to help fund a ‘Diversity Dashboard’ project.

The goal is to “collect quality data about the race, gender, veteran status, and age of local government Chief Administrators (CAOs) and Assistant Chief Administrators (ACAOs) for every local government entity in the United States by December 31st 2017.”

We heard their call and took interest because we think that local government leadership should reflect the diversity of the populations they represent.

Much of policymaking and municipal management is a combination of abstract philosophies and nitty-gritty details and numbers. But it all starts with a leader’s real life experiences–their background consciously and unconsciously informs every part of their decision-making.

The more diversity of experiences at the table, the more representative, creative, and inclusive government leadership will be.

The data this project aims to collect does not currently exist, meaning it’s impossible to know which organizations and forms of government are or are not reflective of the populations they represent.

Equipped with this data, we can better support diversity in government leadership, and thereby support a healthier democracy.

That’s why we decided to donate to the Diversity Dashboard.

A big shout out to ELGL for organizing this project and the other 180+ other individuals and groups that donated to the Kickstarter that’s making this project possible.

We can’t wait to see the story the data tells.

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