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Inside ViewPoint: Meet Andy Navarro

Name:  Andy Navarro
Job title:  Municipal Relationship Manager
Hometown:  West Covina, CA
How long have you been with ViewPoint?:  6 months

Describe yourself in three words:  Enthusiastic, Patriotic, Unconventional
Patronus:  Irish Wolfhound (according to a random test on the internet)

Over the course of your life, how many cities have you lived in, and which was your favorite?

I’ve lived in seven cities so far. San Francisco was probably my favorite.

What’s the thing you love most about San Francisco?

There’s so much to do! The weather is perfect, and the views are breathtaking.

Can you share one of your favorite photos taken there? Where were you and what is the story behind it?

Inside ViewPoint Andy

This is me sailing with my dog, Niko, in the San Francisco Bay. I think it pretty much speaks for itself.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three co-workers would you want to have with you, and why? 

Nasser for the stories, Tom for the tunes, and Judy to figure out how to get out of there.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

It may sound cheesy, but just getting to know so many people and building relationships with them to understand the landscape of their cities, counties, agencies. Even with all the differences I see, one thing remains constant: people work in government because they want to serve their constituents. I love to assist in that mission of entrepreneurship and community empowerment.

What job would you be doing if you weren’t working at ViewPoint?

If I wasn’t at ViewPoint, I’d be a travel writer for sure. I love trivia and absorbing knowledge as much as possible. And what better way to learn than to experience things first hand?

What are you currently binge watching, or your current favorite TV show?

I just finished all of The Sopranos for the second time. The show is almost Shakespearean in its tragic complexity. The storyline paints everything in a grey area where good people do bad things, and vice versa, all in the name of survival, or ego… I love it all.

What’s a goal you have for yourself that you want to accomplish in the next year?

Teaching my dog how to manage an agility course—he was made for it.

What is the greatest piece of advice you’ve been given?

To remember when you wanted what you currently have.

Who is someone you admire, and why?

Anthony Bourdain. The man saw the highest highs and lowest lows of life and showed people that the world really is at your fingertips.

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