Introducing ViewPoint Cloud

Today, ViewPoint introduced ViewPoint Cloud, a revolutionary web app that makes it easy and fun for city governments to issue permits and licenses online.

With ViewPoint Cloud, citizens and local business owners can fill out interactive online forms, track their status through the application process, and see a citywide performance dashboard, all from any web browser.

The intuitive interface lets applicants check the status of their project in real time, eliminating phone calls to city hall. All project approvals, inspections, and payments are tracked in a single digital record that replaces stacks of paper files. Applicants can see exactly who in city hall is responsible at each step of their application, turning opaque decisions into friendly human conversations.

ViewPoint Cloud’s simple setup tools let towns and cities convert their existing paper-based workflows themselves, saving thousands of tax dollars typically spent on software configuration.

“Our goal was to create an easy way for any city to build their own online service center,” said Alex Pajusi, ViewPoint’s Chief Technology Officer. “ViewPoint Cloud provides instant relief from long lines at city hall.”

ViewPoint Cloud comes as Boston Mayor Martin Walsh has declared simplifying the permitting process to be a priority initiative of his office.

A Dashboard for City Performance

The open data dashboard in ViewPoint Cloud brings citizens out of the dark on government operations: see how much revenue was collected from construction projects in the past month, show neighborhood complaints on a map, or see the average time it takes to approve a zoning appeal. Easily find information on any address or public record in the city using the global search bar.

As more cities use ViewPoint Cloud, the dashboard will also show how one city’s performance compares to the national average.

“We use big data for civic value,” said ViewPoint’s Chief Operations Officer Bassil Silver. “When you bring cities together online, one mayor’s triumph can inspire the entire nation.”

ViewPoint Cloud is built on the new Ember framework for web applications, providing the rich experience of a desktop application in a web browser, and increasing accessibility for persons with disabilities. Backed by the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, ViewPoint Cloud offers industry-leading data security and reliability.

City of Wooster Leads Ohio in ePermitting with Viewpoint Cloud

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