ViewPoint on ELGL’s Top 50 Local Government Companies

We are excited to announce ViewPoint’s place on ELGL’s Choice Awards for the Top 50 Local Government Companies. ViewPoint joins 49 other companies providing local governments with services in software, research, urban planning, civic engagement, and budgeting, among many others. More than 40 awardees (including ViewPoint) are “GovTech” companies, part of a rapidly growing industry of technology companies serving the public sector.

Here are a few of the GovTech companies on ELGL’s list that are helping revolutionize local government:

What Works Cities

“Launched by Bloomberg Philanthropies in April 2015, What Works Cities is a national initiative to help 100 mid-sized American cities enhance their use of data and evidence to improve services, inform local decision-making and engage residents.” Experts from The Behavioral Insights Team, The Government Performance Lab at the Harvard Kennedy School, The Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins University, and the Sunlight Foundation are already helping cities in 25 states across the country.


Woman Using SeeClickFix app


SeeClickFix provides citizens with an easy platform to communicate with their government about non-emergency issues. For anything from graffiti to cracked sidewalks, the platform streamlines the reporting process by sending messages directly to the appropriate government department or official.


POLCO is trying to improve the political process at a local level by engaging more community voices. POLCO’s team of economists, policy experts, and software engineers help engage citizens on issues they care about,while providing real-time analytics and actionable feedback for governments.

More About ELGL

ELGL supports local government leaders “with the mission of connecting, communicating, and educating about local government topics.” With 6 growing regional networks across the country, ELGL is a leading professional network for local government professionals.

Check out some of their podcasts and recent articles:

In addition to educational resources, ELGL helps keep government leaders connected. They sponsor events across the country year-round, and provide access to job listings and boards for professionals looking for new career opportunities.

ELGL is helping lead the way for local government innovators. Visit their website for more information on joining the ELGL community.

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