Buena Park, CA, Search for Citizen-Friendly Permitting Leads to ViewPoint

Population: 83,105
State: California
Departments & Divisions Involved: Building, Planning, Code Enforcement
Problem Addressed: Increasing citizen transparency and accessibility
Project Highlight: Saving money by switching to modern technology

Last summer, officials in Buena Park, Calif. knew it was time for change. Citizens were demanding greater transparency and accessibility from their government amidst an evolving technological landscape. In response, the city of 80,000 passed a strategic plan that made constituent service a priority, committing to research and develop new technologies to provide “service and information to all.”

High on their list was online access to permits and licenses. After more than a decade in operation, their current permit management system could no longer keep up with demand. City staff was becoming overburdened with manual workloads leading to long processing times. A search began for an online permitting solution that could meet the comprehensive needs of city staff, and yet be simple enough for citizens to use.

After seeing several systems in action, Community Development staff overwhelmingly favored the ease and flexibility of ViewPoint Cloud.

“Their product is extremely user friendly and can be seamlessly integrated with City’s existing technology,” noted Joel Rosen, Buena Park’s Director of Community Development.

With ViewPoint Cloud, Buena Park can easily deliver their ultimate goal: a new permitting website that allows citizens and contractors to apply for permits 24/7 from any device, anywhere.

The icing on the cake? ViewPoint Cloud was the most affordable solution they evaluated, and costs significantly less to operate than their legacy system. Their subscription allows an unlimited number of users to take advantage of the platform, helping Buena Park uphold another tenet of their strategic plan: Fiscal Stability.

“After extensive research, including several on-site and remote demonstrations and research of other jurisdictions using permit tracking systems, City staff determined that ViewPoint is the best and most cost effective option to meet the City’s e-permitting needs and objectives,” Rosen said.

Buena Park will release their new online permitting experience this summer.

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