City of Wooster Leads Ohio in ePermitting with ViewPoint Cloud

Population: 20,540
State: Ohio
Departments & Divisions Involved: Building, Zoning, Planning, Code Enforcement, Special Events, Water/Sewer
Problem Addressed: Making internal processes more efficient; improving service to business community
Project Highlight: Wooster’s user-friendly permitting portal

The City of Wooster, Ohio has joined the ranks of more than 100 other governments across the country who use ViewPoint to power their ePermitting software. As the first in Ohio to do so, the City of Wooster has become a state leader in digitizing citizen services. 

Wooster officials wanted to streamline permitting and licensing processes to create greater internal efficiency and provide better service to their local business partners. “The permitting process can be very cumbersome,” said Tim Monea, Wooster’s Chief Building Official. “The amount of time our staff was spending on paperwork was the catalyst to find new software.”

They compiled a list of vendors nationwide and looked for cities and towns who were using permitting software to accept online applications.  Wooster quickly narrowed their search to the few vendors providing software that integrated both the citizen-facing front end and the internal back end.

“We wanted to get away from back end only software. For us, it’s always what works for the customer,” explained Andrew Dutton, Wooster’s Planning and Zoning Director. “I am amazed at how simply and how quickly someone can get a permit online with ViewPoint Cloud.”

Department officials were even able to set up a pilot version of ViewPoint Cloud so they could become familiar with the software before committing. “Being able to test out the system was a huge help,” says Monea. “You really get how it really works when you fiddle around with it yourself.”

The city also found that ViewPoint was easily able to meet their implementation timeline, with all departments having the flexibility to set up the software according to their own field requirements. Dutton and Monea expect other city departments to begin using ViewPoint Cloud in the near future, tailoring the software to their own specific needs.

In transitioning from a paper-based system to ViewPoint Cloud, officials in Wooster are improving experiences for everyone from the local dog-owner seeking a pet license to the contractor who needs a quick turnaround on a building permit.  Greater permitting efficiency follows Wooster’s tradition of outstanding citizen service, including their Citizen Leadership Academy–a program to educate and engage residents on what’s happening in local government.

“Government exists to serve the public,” said Monea. “We selected ViewPoint as the best product to help us accomplish our mission of serving the community in accordance with our Core Values: Continuous Improvement, Leadership and Management, Respect and Communication, Accountability, Honesty and Integrity, Stewardship and Trust and Safety.”

More and more communities like Wooster are proving their commitment to public service by adopting ViewPoint Cloud to streamline their permitting. In doing so, they are not just checking a box—they are helping transform local government into innovative leaders.

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