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Why You Should Be Working with a Nimble Company

Netflix was founded in 1998 with 30 employees and a library of 925 DVDs. At the time, they were up against a 16 billion dollar home video sales and rental industry.

So how is it that they are now one of the world’s leading companies, while Blockbuster and the likes have long since disappeared?

The simple answer? They embraced change. From DVD rentals to on-demand streaming to in-house content production, the Netflix game plan has always incorporated—and even led—changing trends.

This picture is playing out across sectors, and the GovTech industry is not immune. Many corporate giants are starting to fall behind the pace of rapid change, and end up offering governments worse products and services at higher prices.

In response, newer, more nimble GovTech companies have started to fill the gaps.

What is a nimble company? A nimble company shows the ability and willingness to evolve with real-world dynamics. Click To Tweet Here’s why you should be working with them.

1. They Can Adapt Quickly

Staying ahead of the curve means adapting quickly to new circumstances. Nimble companies are able to incorporate changes to their processes and products by employing agile philosophies—a process of continual improvement by making incremental changes, evaluating, and adjusting accordingly.

Whether it be in response to changing customer needs or new technology, nimble companies are continuously striving to improve their processes and products.

As a company offering cloud-based technology, we are able to incorporate new changes quickly because our technology allows for rapid development cycles. Our software is updated every two weeks for routine improvements, and every year for serious updates—all at no cost to our customers.

“When we provide feedback to ViewPoint—making a suggestion for a change to be considered—it’s amazing how in 4-6 weeks there’s a new release and the change is there. They’ve really listened to the end users, what we want to see and the suggestions that we make, and they incorporate it into the product when they can. That’s very impressive to us.”

Tim Smith, Fire Marshall, Orange, Connecticut

This is the type of service that’s commonplace—even expected—as a modern-day consumer. As nimble GovTech companies gain more marketshare, this will become the base-level of service for governments as well.

2. They Grow With You

Nimble companies are guided by the needs of their customers. Their ability to quickly adapt means they are able to incorporate feedback in a timely manner, while it’s still relevant.

Larger companies that have generally dominated the GovTech industry are finding it difficult to introduce deep change at this pace. Many government customers working with a nimble GovTech company like ProudCity are astounded that a vendor will take the time to listen to their experiences and actively use their feedback.

“Continuous improvement is more than product development and release cycles, it’s a contagious culture that fosters relationships through listening, trust, and appreciation. We’re unable to provide meaningful improvement unless we’re listening to and trusting the feedback we’re getting from our customer. Furthermore, our customers can’t continuously improve their services without owning the same practice for the services they’re providing to their communities. This feedback loop helps create longstanding, meaningful relationships where communities, cities and our company can grow together.”

Kevin Herman, Chief Operating Officer, ProudCity

This level of trust happens when all parties come to the table with mutual respect and desire for positive change. It’s this attitude that will help usher in a new era of public-private technology development, where governments and vendors are active partners in trying to improve communities.

3. They Look to the Future

By definition, nimble organizations scale and grow with the pace of change in the external world. They incorporate new technology more rapidly, which means you have access to new technology faster (and with a cloud-based product, that means those updates get to you instantly and automatically).

But looking to the future doesn’t just include technology. Nimble companies also look for changes in demographic trends and service models. For example, nimble GovTech companies have helped lead and develop the government shift toward more customer-oriented services.

For us, this means making the permitting process the most intuitive it can be for both employees and for public applicants. It means thinking about the user experience in every aspect of design.

Many of our customers are forward-thinking governments who find their legacy providers can’t keep up with the kind of service they’re looking to provide their communities. These type of government innovators are looking to partner with forward-thinking GovTech companies, like Cartegraph, who are leading rather than following technology trends.

“Cobb County is a really high-performance county. We like to move forward; we like to implement new technology. And Cartegraph has helped that. They keep us up-to-date with technology by updating the OMS system regularly. It provides me with a wealth of information that helps me manage the county better and provide exemplary services to our citizens.”

Bill Shelton, Road Maintenance Division Manager, Cobb County, Georgia

When you’re making a big investment, you’re looking for a long, active partnership. Investing in a company that’s looking toward the future of their field means it’s a lot more likely they’ll still be around in 5 or 10 years.

4. They are More Flexible

Nimble companies have less bureaucracy to wade through, which means they are more flexible to changing needs.

They also have newer technology, which in turn means more flexible technology. Traditional GovTech software had to be customized for practically every department, which was reflected in the high cost of products, implementation, and support. It also meant it was hard—if not impossible—for a typical ‘non-tech’ person to make changes to configurations.

“Every time I see discussion online about municipalities looking at expensive custom software, I have a little cringe, because I think there’s so much flexibility in cloud-based software. There’s a tendency for us to think we need highly customized software and oftentimes that’s not the case. We can often find things out there that will improve what we’re able to do at a greatly reduced cost from software that was available to us 10, 15, or 20 years ago.”

Dan Ralley, Assistant City Manager, Upper Arlington, Ohio

With today’s technology, most local governments no longer need to bear that kind of cost for customized ‘modules’. If you start with a framework of easy customization, the same platform can be used for infinite uses. Most of our customers find that even non-techies can customize ViewPoint Cloud for their department, because it’s built on flexible framework with user-friendly design. This puts the power and flexibility of modern technology in the hands of all department members, without needing IT staff as gatekeepers.

5. They Will Attract Better Talent

Talented people go where the future is. Leaders go where they can be more creative. Passionate people go where they believe they make a lasting impact on the people they serve.

Nimble companies will attract people who want to build something better than what has come before. So if you’re looking to invest in a partner, look for the type of people that want to invest in your success—not just now, but years down the line.

“This goes both ways. As a young GovTech company, we try and pinpoint talent in government and it’s not to poach them. Forward thinking, go-getter public servants are willing to think outside of the box to better serve their community. These people are doing wonders with our product and give us invaluable feedback. We are extremely excited for our customers who are being rewarded for taking a chance to work with a new type of government vendor.”

Kevin Herman, Chief Operating Officer, ProudCity

At ViewPoint and other nimble GovTech companies like ProudCity, we embody these principles because we believe that local governments deserve the best the technology world has to offer. That’s why we’re helping lead this GovTech revolution, and looking for active partners who want to join us on this path.

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