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Gloucester’s Unified Storefront for Citizen Services [Webinar Recording]

Deploying new solutions and services to better support constituent needs remains a difficult task in government today, but strategic project management and communications can make all the difference. With the help of modern GovTech partners, leading local governments are tackling these challenges because they recognize the operational and fiscal benefits to both employees and community members.

In Gloucester, MA the results of successful IT project management has meant working smarter not harder, and in turn, providing better services for community members. Director of Communications, Christopher Sicuranza, and Director of IT, James Pope, came together to help the City provide better citizen services with modern, customer-centric technology platforms SeeClickFix and ViewPoint Cloud. In this webinar recording, they share their story and touch on these key tenants of IT project success:

  • Unifying Under One “Voice”: Too often teams and departments that are not under the same roof can find inter-team communications difficult. Inconsistent messaging in the public sector has the potential to be harmful or legally liable.
  • Modernizing Municipalities: Start Simple: Using internal and external pain points to establish feasible short-term vs. long-term goals against potential budgets can help align a realistic vision that allows progress through strategic vendor relationship building.
  • Managing Expectations: Identifying & Enabling Public Champions: Change can be scary for many departments that see shrinking budgets and new tools that may disrupt their scope of services. Clear communication with department managers is crucial for them to better understand the value of digital services, and become project champions in their own right.

Gloucester’s Unified Storefront for Citizen Services from ViewPoint Government Solutions

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