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Prioritizing Government Spending to Maximize ROI [webinar]

We know that saving resources by making smart, long-term investments is a top priority for local governments. With the widespread availability of modern, cloud-based software, local governments are starting to find that they can get more out of their technology and provide better services while spending less.

That’s why we teamed up with the folks at ResourceX and the Center for Priority-Based Budgeting for our fourth Year of the Citizen webinarPrioritizing Government Spending to Maximize ROI. 

Below you’ll find videos from our two local government speaker presenters—Jamie Hellen, Deputy Town Administrator of Franklin, MA and Eric Keck, City Manager of Englewood, CO—on how they’ve implemented costs savings by upgrading technology and bundling services.



Speaker Presentations

Prioritizing Technology Transitions in Government | Jamie Hellen, Deputy Town Administrator, Franklin, MA

Optimizing Resources Through Collaboration & Partnerships | Eric Keck, City Manager, Englewood, CO


If you like what you saw, download slide deck here and visit our webinar registration page to sign up for updates.

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