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Automated Reports: No More Updating Excel Spreadsheets

How much time do you or people in your department spend updating Excel spreadsheets of permit application information? How often do you wish you could quickly look up the answer to a data question?

If the answer is more than a few minutes or multiple times a day, it might be time to look for a new reporting tool.

Accurate data and reporting help us make better decisions, but collecting, updating, and analyzing data takes a lot of time. Especially when updating new data requires constant maintenance.

What if you could customize reports and view them in real-time with the click of a button? Welcome to ViewPoint Cloud.

In a few simple steps, you can have customized, updated reports at your fingertips. ViewPoint Cloud’s reporting tools give you the power to make more informed decisions and focus on high-priority tasks.

Choose your filters

No more building separate spreadsheets for each individual permit type or special project. ViewPoint Cloud’s results tab lets you quickly filter what results you want to see. You can filter by record type (building permit, electrical permit, etc.), date, address, and applicant.

Report Filters in ViewPoint Cloud
Report Filters in ViewPoint Cloud


In addition to standard reporting, report filters let you quickly answer simple data questions. For example, How many building permits were received in the previous month?

Selecting record filters in ViewPoint Cloud

With ViewPoint Cloud’s reporting functions, you can answer this question immediately. And you can be confident that the report will reflect the current data in your system.

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Choose your columns

ViewPoint Cloud also lets users choose what record information they want included in the report. Maybe the City Manager needs to know how many building permits were submitted last month to get an overview of what types of projects are happening in different parts of the city.

Adding report columns in ViewPoint Cloud
Adding report columns

In this report, we include the basic record information, as well as property use and street name. It gives the user a snapshot of streets with major commercial activity, or where new office buildings are slated to be built.

Save the report

Now the City Manager wants a report on this data every week. Instead of slogging through manually entered data to update the excel spreadsheet, all you have to do is save this report.

Saving a customized report in ViewPoint Cloud
Saving a customized report in ViewPoint Cloud


Every time you want to see building permits from the last 30 days, all you have to do is navigate to the saved reports tab and click on this report.

Saved reports in ViewPoint Cloud
Saved reports in ViewPoint Cloud

You can always adjust the columns for any saved reports, depending on what data you need at that moment. Better yet, every saved report is unique to your user profile, so Building Department Officials, Town Managers, or Elected Officials can customize reports to their specific needs.

You can still export the file

ViewPoint Cloud saves you time creating and organizing datasets, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up Excel. If you need to open a report in Excel or another data processing program, all you have to do is click Export to CSV. You’ll have ready-to-go data for running formulas or creating a presentation.

Exporting to CSV


Data drives good decision-making. So, good governance means having easy access to the information you need. ViewPoint Cloud is the simple, intuitive tool that brings current data to your fingertips.

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