Introducing eCheck in ViewPoint Cloud ePermitting Software

Introducing E-Check: The Direct Online Permitting Payment Option

We’re thrilled to announce the general availability of a new payment method in ViewPoint Cloud: E-Check.

What is it?

E-Check, also known as ACH (Automated Clearing House) allows payees to pay directly from their bank account as an alternative to using their credit card.

Traditionally, E-Check has involved a tradeoff between security and convenience. Some providers allow for any account number in an E-Check transaction without verification, while some require a 2-day verification process to authorize a bank account.

We didn’t feel that either option was suitable, so we worked to bring a new E-Check standard to our users: Instant Verification.

With Instant Verification, payees will be able to choose their bank account from a list of supported institutions and log in with their online banking credentials, instantly verifying their account for an E-Check payment. It’s seamless and secure, and it’s now available to all of our municipalities nationwide.

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Why use E-Check instead of a credit card?

Credit Card transactions are processed by commercial processors who charge fees as a percentage of the transaction. E-Check avoids these processors, resulting in much lower transaction fees.

What are the processing fees for E-Check?

The processing fee for any E-Check payment is always $5.50 flat. The flat structure makes E-Check particularly well-suited to paying large fees.

How do I enable E-Check as a payment method?

Enabling E-Check is easy. Just navigate to Settings > General and find the Payment Settings panel. If you’re connected to Stripe for online payments, you’ll see switches for each available online payment method. Turn the E-Check switch to “On”. Payees will then be able to choose E-Check when paying.

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(Please note: You must be connected to Stripe for online payments to enable E-Check.)

We work hard to bring cutting-edge payment technology to our communities and look forward to increased efficiency, shorter approval cycles, and even more convenience for both the community and the applicant.

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