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Introducing Conditional Workflows: The Smarter Way to Route Applications

Efficient workflows are the key to a streamlined permitting process, especially when applications need to be reviewed by multiple departments.

With ViewPoint Cloud’s latest platform release, workflows just got a whole lot smarter. Now, you can set workflow steps to appear conditionally, based on your applicants’ form responses.

For example, a Building Department could add an additional fee or require a secondary review on permit applications only if a requested permit’s work value is over $100,000.

Conditional Workflows - ViewPoint Cloud
This level of automation means applying fees and routing applications to the appropriate departments can happen immediately—no more long intake times.

Creating Conditional Workflow Steps

Let’s take a deeper look at creating conditional workflows in ViewPoint Cloud.

Setting conditions on steps is easy. Just head to the Workflow Designer for any Record Type, select the appropriate step, and click “Add Condition”.

Now that workflow steps can have conditions, employees are able to control which steps appear based on specific selections made on the form.

Conditional Workflows - ViewPoint Cloud - ePermitting software

Each condition will then have a subset of options that will either add or remove steps contingent on an applicant’s selection. 

Here, you could set a condition that when the applicant selects the “Multi-Family” Property Type…

Conditional Workflows _ Multi-Family Step Condition

…a Secondary Project Review would then be triggered.

Conditional Workflows - Secondary Project Review

Any/All Conditions

ViewPoint Cloud users can now also specify whether to match all conditions, or any of the conditions you set on form fields, fees, and workflow steps.

Adding workflow steps based on meeting And:Or workflow conditions ViewPoint Cloud
In this example, a Plan Review Fee would be applied 1) Only if Sq. Footage was greater than 5,000 AND Project Cost was greater than $50,000 (left image) or 2) If either Sq. Footage was greater than 5,000 OR Project Cost was greater than $50,000 (right image)

And/Or Condition

Forms, fee calculations, and workflow steps can also include AND or OR conditions. When adding a condition, select “All” for AND conditions and “Any” for OR conditions.

For instance, you can set up your workflows to only show specific steps when the applicant is a contractor, and a different set of steps if the applicant is a homeowner who will be hiring a general contractor to perform the work.

Showing Specific Steps in Conditional Workflows - ViewPoint Cloud
In this example, applicants identifying as Contractors would not see any additional steps. Applicants identifying as Homeowners (fig. 1) will receive a conditional option (fig. 2) to choose whether they will be performing the work themselves, or hiring a general contractor.

Without limits on the types or number of steps to which you can add conditional workflows, many new options are available to different departments. For instance, a building department could use conditional workflows to bring in DPW Review only if a homeowner will be doing sewer work.

Automating workflows with this type of ease keeps the application process simple for your citizens, while streamlining internal operations for staff members. Best of all, designing workflows in ViewPoint Cloud is intuitive, done completely in-browser, and requires no coding experience or additional vendor cost to implement. 

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