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Introducing Required Attachments

We’re constantly introducing new features in ViewPoint Cloud to help improve the way you work.

The new Required Attachments feature lets department staff designate required or optional files to be included with each application of a given type.

This saves department staff and applicants the hassle of double-checking applications for required plans or photos, and reduces lost processing time when applications are submitted without all required attachments.

For example, staff could require the inclusion of Building Plans for each Building Permit application, and optionally ask for a Site Photo:

Adding Permitting Application Attachments in ViewPoint Cloud


On each submitted permit application, you can easily distinguish files and see whether or not an optional file has been included:

Requiring Permitting Application Attachments in ViewPoint Cloud
If a new version of a file needs to be included, it’s easy to upload a new version of the file by clicking into it:

Updating Permitting Attachment Versions in ViewPoint Cloud

The City of Lomita’s Planning Department has found this new feature helps save department staff and applicants weeks of phone call inquiries and confusion.

“Before, we’d get applicants calling three weeks after submitting their application, wondering where their report was,” says Kamille Parks, a Planning Intern who has been with the City since 2015. “They didn’t realize a PDF attachment was required, but now we can make it a requirement for submitting this record type.”

Applicants can still upload any additional attachments as deem necessary, however they will be prompted to include a title and optionally add a description.

We continuously strive to bring more innovative features to ViewPoint Cloud so our communities can provide better, smarter services to their constituents. If you have any questions, or additional feature ideas, feel free to reach out to us directly at

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