Introducing Storefronts: The Citizen-Friendly Permitting Portal

A simple new way to accelerate form intake and routing

Modern communities are increasingly looking to gain efficiency by giving applicants self-service options for common permitting and licensing tasks. But today’s complex ePermitting systems can make online service a daunting task.

We know that online permitting works best when applications start online and are routed online, so that no time is wasted managing paper forms. While cities like Philadelphia and New York have led a new wave of innovation in online service availability, their custom-made solutions aren’t an option for most communities.

At ViewPoint, we strive to bring that cutting-edge online experience to communities of all shapes and sizes. So today, we’re introducing Storefronts, a new way to simplify permitting from end-to-end.

Storefronts start with beautiful, professionally-designed templates that allow issuing departments to showcase online services in a way that make them easy to access. With an application process that follows common e-commerce conventions, Storefronts feel like a natural part of the modern web.

Rhode Island ePermitting portal ViewPoint Cloud


Behind these new templates, we’ve made a host of improvements under the hood to help communities quickly realize efficiency gains as they move online. Storefronts make it easy to manage application intake and fee payment online, reducing the workload for departmental staff. New integrated inspection scheduling lets you automate the scheduling process and let citizens request the date that works for them.

In addition, our new built-in virtual training assistant provides in-app assistance as you navigate your daily operations, increasing your online permitting success.

With Storefronts included in the new ViewPoint Cloud, online permitting has never been more achievable. Get in touch with us to see the incredible online experience you can build in just a few weeks on ViewPoint Cloud.

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