Introducing Notifications in ViewPoint Cloud | Permitting and Licensing

Notifications You Actually Want—Track Tasks & Approvals with Ease

Any busy city official will tell you, there’s nothing worse than a crowded inbox or non-stop notifications with no clear path for how to dig yourself out. A missed deadline or overlooked application step could mean non-compliance, an incomplete inspection, or unwanted delays to community development.

That’s why we designed a better way to manage tasks and alerts in ViewPoint Cloudone that emphasizes functionality, user control, and intuitive designfor Town Clerks, Building Officials, Inspectors, and more. Now it’s easier than ever to keep track of tasks, follow an application’s progress, loop in your coworkers, approve workflow steps, and seamlessly move through each day.

In-App Notification View

Notifications in ViewPoint Cloud | Permitting and Licensing

The bell symbol located in the top right-hand corner of ViewPoint Cloud stores all of your notifications in a single view. A number appears, circled in red, tallying the amount of unread notifications, and you can simply click to see the expanded list.

Unique icons are used to represent different types of application stepslike payments, inspections, documents, and approvalsso it’s easy to gauge your workload and priorities at a glance.

Follow Document and Payment Steps

In addition to getting notifications for your own assignments, you can follow other document or payment workflow steps within the platform. Say you want to know when a document gets issued on building permit applications, or when a payment goes through for any business licensesimply follow that step in the workflow and notifications will keep you updated.

Tag Your Colleagues in Comments

Tag Coworkers in the Comments | ViewPoint Cloud Permitting

Notifications also includes an @ mention function to tag your colleagues in the comments section of any workflow step. This creates an intuitive way to bring something to the attention of a coworker, knowing that they’ll receive a notification in their own feed. Tagging makes it easy to comment back and forth and better track progress until a workflow step is complete.

Streamlined, Sortable Inbox

Streamlined Inbox in ViewPoint Cloud | Permitting and Licensing

ViewPoint Cloud’s Inbox feature has also been updated to create a more streamlined view for looking through open tasks. The left-hand side displays a comprehensive list of all tasks assigned to you, with corresponding icons representing the type of workflow step. You can sort the list by newest or oldest and click any individual task to see a more detailed breakdown without leaving the page.

User Control Over Notification Settings

Beyond pure functionality, this feature also puts more control in users’ hands, with settings to edit what kind of notifications you get and how you get them. Each user can customize these preferences for themselves, simply checking or unchecking different notification categories for both in-app and email alerts.

With every update to ViewPoint Cloud we aim to improve the lives of our users and their constituents. This latest release of notifications encapsulates that vision with a more flexible way to track activities, communicate with colleagues, and approve application steps.

So you can organize work the way you want to, making sure you don’t miss a beat along the way.

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