Transform Building Inspection Scheduling to Streamline Operations

The days of cumbersome inspection calendar shuffling are numbered. With new Automatic Scheduling in ViewPoint Cloud, your constituents can view accurate availability and request inspections with ease.

Accurate Availability

Automated inspection scheduling starts with granular availability controls that ensure you’re never double-booked. New availability settings in ViewPoint Cloud let you define the number of inspections your department can schedule each day. Have a holiday or all-day conference? Block it off and prevent scheduling on that day.

Next, you’ll want to define how inspectors should be allocated. In your workflows, turn on auto-assignment for any inspection and specify who to assign automatically. ViewPoint Cloud’s intelligent workload balancing ensures inspectors’ workdays are not too light, not too busy, but just right.

Simple Scheduling

When it’s time for an inspection, constituents can pick from the available dates using a clear and simple calendar interface within your ViewPoint portal. There’s no phone system to navigate – just point and click.

Once an inspection is scheduled, inspector and applicant can communicate right within ViewPoint Cloud.

Full Visibility

When automating inspection scheduling, it’s essential to have full visibility at each step in the process. With new scheduling reports in ViewPoint Cloud, you can view daily or weekly inspection schedules and fine-tune as needed. Manage unconfirmed requests on a case-by-case basis to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Automation At Your Pace

We know that communities handle inspection scheduling with varying degrees of automation. ViewPoint Cloud provides two levels of automation to help you get started.

Initially, you may want to have applicants request inspection dates, and then confirm the date and inspector manually for each request. Over time, you’ll be able to transition to more automated scheduling, while overseeing operations at a higher level.

Automatic Scheduling is just the latest result of our continuous collaboration with ViewPoint communities across the country, and we’re thrilled to be rolling it out this month to civic innovators nationwide.

Happy Scheduling!

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