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Automatic Fees

Automatically calculate fees with full-cycle revenue management integrated right into your ViewPoint Cloud processes. Let citizens pay with a credit card anytime, anywhere.

Simplify fee calculation

Reduce errors and simplify fee collection by having ViewPoint automatically calculate fees according to your schedules and application content. Authorized users can override automatic calculations, and you can build next year’s fee schedule in advance without disrupting operations.

Accept online payments 24/7

In addition to cash and check payments, enable anytime online payment via credit card or eCheck so applicants can pay without coming into City Hall. ViewPoint Cloud also supports Apple Pay.

Online payments with direct deposit are built right into ViewPoint Cloud, so there’s no need for a merchant account

Add conditions to fee calculation

Fee calculations can include conditions based on the following form fields: 

  • Check boxes: If the box is checked
  • Drop downs: If a specific selection is made.
  • Numbers: If the number entered is less than, equal to, greater than, or between a range of numbers.

Reconcile with accounting

The built-in ledger records all payments and refunds with their corresponding general ledger account, letting you easily import transactions into your finance and accounting system. An optional integration can also automate your daily import.

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