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Dynamic Workflows

At it’s core, ViewPoint Cloud is a workflow automation engine where you can choose which steps activate and which do not based on customized conditions set in advance.

What is a workflow?

Workflows are the most detailed level of an application. They outline the process an application goes through once it's submitted in order to be approved and have a permit issued.

This is level where each specific type of permit or license is defined according to components such as:

  • Fees and payments due
  • Sign-off departments
  • Inspections required and inspection checklists
  • Documents that are issued (e.g. permits or licenses)
  • The order of steps

The drag-and-drop interface allows users to easily create multi-step review processes, restrict access based on ‘user-roles’, and efficiently coordinate interactions across Departments

What makes a workflow dynamic?

The Workflows in ViewPoint Cloud can think for themselves according to conditions that the user creates. Rather than having to manually route every application through the proper channels, form fields in the application inform which steps activate and which do not for any given permit type.

Let each submission flow electronically from intake to departmental reviews, automatically assigning to the next available employee, and ensuring that no permit is ever issued before all required approvals are complete.

Efficiency with automation

With only a certain number of staff members in charge of administering permits, it's important that a solution is able to automate time-consuming processes currently taking these individuals away from higher priority tasks.

ViewPoint Cloud features like conditional workflows, automated fee calculation, and automated renewals notices will help make operations more efficient, while increasing the Department’s overall permitting capacity.

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