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Understand departmental performance like never before with ViewPoint Cloud’s built-in analytics engine that includes progress reports, graphs, and performance metrics.

Measure departmental performance

ViewPoint Cloud offers targeted insight dashboards for processing, inspections, citizen service, renewals, and payments. Each category has dedicated analytics that will answer questions like:

  • How fast are we processing records?
  • What steps take the most time?
  • What was the value from a fee standpoint?
  • How many people apply online vs. in-person?

ViewPoint's Insights is a tool that gives users the ability to measure success, identify opportunities for growth, and see the ways their government is growing over time in areas like citizen satisfaction, average response time, and inspection violation resolution.

Explore trends over time

Built-in graphs let you see processing insights over any selected timeframe to help surface trends and areas of importance. For example, you can view permit and inspection counts throughout the week, month, or quarter to see when the busiest and quietest times were and be prepared for when requests may spike.

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