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ViewPoint Cloud's reporting feature allow you to flexibly organize data as you want, save and share customized reports, and export data as a CSV file.

Built-in reports and endless customization

ViewPoint Cloud has "out-of-the-box" reports that span six different categories: 







In addition to standard reporting, each category can be filtered to let you quickly answer simple data questions, like: "How many building permits were received in the previous month?"

ViewPoint Cloud also lets users choose what corresponding information they want included in the report with customizable columns.

No more building separate spreadsheets for each individual permit type or special project—ViewPoint Cloud's Reports lets users quickly filter what results they want to see

The power of reporting

With ViewPoint Cloud's reporting tool, you can customize and view reports updated in real-time, in a few simple steps. This level of easily accessible, wide-ranging data give users the power to make more informed decisions and focus on high-priority tasks.

ViewPoint Cloud also allows users to take immediate action like reassigning overdue work right in the report, or clicking into a record’s workflow for more in-depth changes.

Save, share, and export to CSV

Once a user creates the perfect report, they can simply save the report and it will be accessible at any time. This is great for creating standard weekly, monthly, or daily reports. Every saved report is also unique to each user profile, so Building Department Officials, Town Managers, or Elected Officials can customize reports to their specific needs.

You can also share with a click, and the report will automatically appear under the Explore Reports section for anyone looking within the corresponding department.

Need to open a report in Excel or another data processing program? Click to export any report to CSV for ready-to-go data for running formulas or creating presentations.

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