Intuitive renewals for higher compliance

Completely automate license renewals

Create campaigns and enable online license renewals

Automate Renewal Campaigns

Notify Applicants

Track at a Glance 

Create license renewal campaigns

ViewPoint Cloud's Campaign Renewals is designed to assuage the license renewal process so that staff members can focus on higher priority tasks and see a higher rate of on-time renewals. Completely automate license renewals in just four easy steps by creating a campaign according to the record type, like 'Alcohol Licenses', upcoming expiration date, and renewal window. 

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Automatically notify applicants

Email notifications send all eligible applicants reminder emails at strategic intervals throughout the renewals period until they login and complete their application. This streamlined communication and access leads to happy customers who never have to leave their home to receive their new licenses.

Track progress at a glance

The at-a-glance visual indicator allows users to monitor the progress of all campaign renewals simultaneously.

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