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Planetizens City Planning Department Technology Benchmarking Surveys | 2014 & 2016 | ViewPoint

[Infographic] Planetizen’s City Planning Department Technology Benchmarking Surveys | 2014 & 2016

In 2015 and 2017, the planning magazine Planetizen released reports overviewing the results of surveys benchmarking “the use of technology in city planning departments across the United States.” The data is meant help municipalities gauge the nationwide trends of their peers and plan for how new technology will affect planning departments in the upcoming years. This infographic highlights some of the major findings in the 2017 report (based on a 2016 survey) and how they compare to the 2015 report (based on a 2014 survey). See below for the full reports and more about the authors.

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6 Questions for Professional Reflection | ViewPoint Cloud

6 Questions for End-of-Year Professional Reflection [infographic]

You’re not alone if you feel like individuals, organizations, and even countries are constantly moving forward without learning important lessons from the past. While you and your organization are planning for the new year, don’t forget about the goldmine of data you’ll find reflecting on 2016. Use the questions and topics in this infographic to help guide your professional reflection, and your plans for the future.

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